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Quick Notes and Fast Quotes


Falling in Love. Getting Married. Having Babies. From birth to death, life is a checkerboard of experiences. And this usually includes some pretty rough times too. Divorce. Illness. Financial difficulties.

What do you say to people who are experiencing these things?

Too often — because it is difficult — we simply don't take the time to do it. We think about it, but the card or note never quite gets written. That's why I wrote this book. To make it a bit easier.

I end this Introduction with quick note of my own:




I offer suggestions, ideas to amuse,
A few apt phrases you may want to use.
And if you use one after you've read it,
You needn't bother to give me credit!

Originally published twenty years ago, Quick Notes & Fast Quotes for Every Occasion was inspired by an incident in my own life where, at the very last moment, I chickened out of a marriage. Knowing my heart was not in it, I created a break-up announcement to send friends and relatives. This announcement was what sold the publishers on the idea of a book with appropriate sayings for every possible situation. Says etiquette expert Letitia Baldridge, “Jill Williams has compiled some charming, lendable quotes to help the tongue-tied person write cheerful or witty messages to others...”


Writing Sample:




If you are ever in the position of having to cancel an engagement or wedding, you may just want to have a tactful friend call all your guests and let them know that plans have changed. But here is an announcement for a good-humoured break-off:


Today you'll find a greeting card for every
known occasion,
From quitting smokes, to growing old, to
having a nice vacation.
Alas, the one both [name] and I have
searched in vain to find
Is the card that says: “The wedding’s off,
we’ve had a change of mind.”
So don’t send gifts, don’t send bread,
don’t send a loving cup.
And for heaven’s sake, on [wedding date],
don’t, please DON’T show up!

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