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Welcome to my website. I'm updating it in honor of my latest book Confessions Of A Love Addict. I've written all kinds of books in my life. You can check them out, if you like. Just click on the individual covers. Of course, How To Photograph Pets And Animals is obsolete nowadays with the advent of digital photography. And Quick Notes & Fast Quotes For Every Occasion is a bit behind the times since people send e-cards these days and can look up their own famous quotes online. But The Nature Sonnets still appeals to those poetry-lovers who favor iambic pentameter. And A Weakness For Men? That title will never get old!

I suppose my biggest writing credit is a Broadway musical called Rainbow Jones for which I created the book, music and lyrics. The one my parents (both gone now) favored was a little booklet called The Girl And the Gasshopper that I wrote when I was ten. I wasn't a good speller then and I'm not a good speller now. I lived in Hollywood for a time and that's when I wrote another little booklet no longer in print for Dell Purse Books titled Health Secrets of the Stars. My favorite health secret was John Davidson's cure for bedwetters: a teaspoon of honey right before bedtime.



Taurus Rainbow_Jones The_Girl_and_the_Grasshopper Health_Secrets_of_the_Stars Taurus


Six years have skyrocketed by since I've attempted to write anything new. But this story—my own—was too good to let go by the wayside. A lot of it isn't pretty. But it's human and hopefully it will touch a few hearts and help a few love addicts.

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